Saturday 21 April 2018


The Foundations’ Board performs a very important social task; to ensure its founder’s will is fulfilled. In accordance with the provisions of Mr. Fernando Soria Pérez’s testament, the Fernando Soria Foundation in the Valencian Community was established in a notarial deed on the 5th February 2010 in Sant Joan d’Alacant and registered in the Foundations Registry of the Valencian Community.

Its main objectives are to maintain, study and spread Mr. Fernando Soria Pérez’s artistic, cultural and intellectual works, to maintain the museum of his work, to organize temporary loans to other museums and to run the touring exhibition of his art for a wider dissemination.

The Foundation is structured in three main areas:

CULTURAL PROMOTION, which exclusively manages, plans, organizes and spreads the work of Fernando Soria Pérez.

DOCUMENTATION CENTRE, which plans restoration works, registration, certification, inventory management and valuation not only of the artistic works but also of the entirety of the estate of Fernando Soria Pérez.

ART COLLECTION, which currently consists of 358 artistic works.

Photo of the moment of the signing of the founding
Photo of the moment of the signing of the founding