Saturday 21 April 2018

Museu's Friends

The friends of Fernando Soria's museum is a private initiative that tries to assemble both physical and juridical persons, joined in the desire to collaborate actively in the development and potenciaciación of the Foundation that receives them, across the putting in march of different activities. The ends of the Friends of the Museu are them of promoting, stimulating and supporting all the cultural actions and in the most wide terms, have relation with the aims and activity of the Foundation Fernando Soria.

For all that, we need the collaboration from all those that want to be an active part of this cultural project. 

The friends of Fernando Soria's museum enjoy a series of advantages:

  • Friend's nominative season-ticket of the Museu. 
  • Admission free to the Museu Fernando Soria. 
  • Priority Information of all the activities of the Museu. 
  • 20 % of discount  in all the articles edited by the Foundation. 
  • 10 % of discount in the articles of sale in the shop of the Museu. 
  • 10 % of discount in the excursions programmed by the Museu. 
  • Commented visits 
  • Tax allowance

Become a Friend

You can be,

FRIEND OF THE MUSEUM, from 10 € per month.

And remember, through this initiative can also obtain tax benefits in income tax 25% or 35% on the corporation tax on the whole amount of your settlement.
Articles 19,20 and 21 of Law 49/2002 of December 23

To become a member of the Friends of the Museum, fill this form along with proof of the bank will be paid.

The form will be sent through your e-mail