Saturday 21 April 2018


The Museu Fernando Soria, inaugurated on May 31, 2013, is located in a neoclassic building of beginning of the 20th century, known with the name of " The House of the Clock ", and today labelled MUSEU FERNANDO SORIA.

The surface landscaped of the plot, in Sant Joan's center d'Alacant, is of 3.314 m2, of which 332,68 m2 is the useful surface of the Museu. The landscaped zones allow the accomplishment of acts outdoors as concerts, recitals, to paint, workshops, market of the art, etc.

The art gallery has three rooms of exhibitions distributed in two plants. In the low plant there is the room INA (Inocencia Giménez Berni) dedicated to the wife of Fernando Soria, and the room BEATRIZ (Beatriz Soria Giménez) in memory of the daughter of both. In addition, they are the room of receipt and shop, the store - file and the zone of the services.  

In the top floor there is the great room dedicated to Fernando Soria, divided in two rooms because of a noble stairs of wood and of an elevator that communicate both plants. The above mentioned room is prepared for cultural and audio-visual events. Museu Fernando complements itself with the offices of the Foundation Soria.

The Museu has ramps in the exterior and interior of the building, of an elevator, and services adapted for handicap. Also he has air conditioning, and safety measures both in the interior and in the exterior of the building. 

The Museu shelters 225 Fernando Soria's artistic works and 133 works of other artists.